Choosing the best dog veterinarian for dummies

There more to choosing the best dog veterinarian than just looking for vets in Google maps. You should check for the accreditations of the vet and the hospital. There are organizations in every country to create excellence in veterinary care for dogs. Accreditations does confirm with the standards expected by dog owners, dog experts and organizations. Even if the vet does a fine job, it’s good to ask about the hospital. He/she may feel limited due to lack of facilities. In a nutshell, you should choose your dog veterinarian very carefully, rather than just swinging it.

Follow this 3 step process for successfully choosing the perfect veterinarian for your dog.

  • Knowing your requirements

Some vets specialize in treating companion animals. They are more likely to hold a good reputation as canine vet. Look for the kind of crowd who frequent their clinic. See if they own the kind of dogs you do. Practicality should matter as much as standards. If the perfect clinic is like a 100 miles away from your place, the trip is more trouble than worth. In case of emergencies, you can’t afford a couple of hours driving. Have a list of services you want your vet to provide. Factor in the fees and other costs as well.

  • Finding a vet

Make a list of vets in your vicinity. Using Google search should almost cover you. You can extend till yellow pages and local ads. Visit the website of each clinic if they have one. Talk with your friend or colleague, who is also a dog owner. Ask about vets and their practices in the area. Contact the local kennel clubs who may be willing to help. Prepare a questionnaire to ask the vet. The questionnaire should include fees, working hours, nature of practice, overnight care, emergencies etc… Have a quick questionnaire handy since the clinics can be busy places.

  • Choosing the vet

Finding a vet is not the same as choosing a vet, at least when you genuinely care for your dog. To choose the best vet, you need to follow a little procedure. Firstly call all veterinary offices you have in your list. Their attitude on phone is a good indicator of their workplace ethos. Visit the best set of vets shortlisted after call. Evaluate the reception, premises and in-house facilities in there. Make an appointment for your pet for a simple check-up. Ask your questions during the appointment and make a decision. Pick the dog veterinarian according to your liking.

Preferable qualities in vet

The dog veterinarian should have a philosophy on pets that blends well with yours. He/she should be someone with whom you can easily communicate. Community involvement from the vet means something. Does he/she have access to medical information, equipment and services? Observe the interaction between the vet and animals in the clinic. We can’t expect a Dr.Dolittle, but look for someone who soothes and comfort your pet. The clinic should have working hours that’s comfortable to you and cover you in case of emergencies.